Meet Our Physician

CORE Medical New York’s clinical team is led by Dr. Mario Manna. With over 10 years of experience as a board certified Family Physician, Dr. Manna created CORE Medical New York to be the sole provider of his unique approach to treating the adverse effects of aging and hormone deficiency.

In his family practice, Dr. Manna took notice of a disturbing trend of severe hormone deficiencies in patients with chronic disease, particularly diabetes. He discovered that once the hormone imbalance was addressed, the patients made dramatic strides in their recovery. Additionally, Dr. Manna had always prescribed a steady diet and exercise regimen to all of his patients wishing access to the fountain of youth. However, he became mindful that even the most disciplined person could still become vitamin and hormone deficient, especially as they aged. This understanding was the catalyst for his complete dedication to treating those suffering from low levels of hormones essential for the body to perform at optimum levels.

Dr. Manna’s treatment philosophy starts with a comprehensive diagnostic process to identify precisely how CORE Medical New York can best treat our patients. His program then calls for the creation of a proprietary regimen, honed by a decade of hands-on experience, that will cater to each patient’s individual needs. Through unparalleled care, supervision and expertise, Dr. Manna has been instrumental in changing the lives of CORE Medical New York’s patients.